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Innish Consulting Limited through its principal Ita Mc Ardle has been established to provide support services to clients in the arena of commercial and corporate law embracing financial services and funds. Having practised as a solicitor and Advocate for 20 years we aim to utilise the experience gained in helping clients structure their corporate and fund structures in providing that planning support early on the process and thus allowing clients to get best value from their personal legal teams.Ita’s experience spans both acting as an advisor and being the client and this extensive practical experience together with the company’s core principals of integrity and pragmatism proves invaluable to clients who are in set up , restructure, experienced but value independent input and those new to certain aspects of the corporate and financial services industry.

The team of Ita and Marnie aim to provide advice efficiently with a firm emphasis on a combination of realism and resourcefulness. We are here to help you find answers and reassurance from having a team who will be independent of any of your other service providers.


Innish Consulting has its head office in the Isle of Man, a respected offshore jurisdiction located in the middle of the Irish Sea and is well served by air and sea transport, is equipped with the latest communications technology, and has a highly-skilled workforce. The Isle of Man has a well-balanced and diversified economy which combines its traditional industries with areas such as financial services, manufacturing and film production.

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency although the British Crown is ultimately responsible for the good government of the Isle of Man and also assists in connection with its international relations and defence. The Island is not a member of the European Community but does enjoy a special relationship through Protocol Three to the Treaty of Accession. The broad effect of the treaty provision is that the Isle of Man is included in the Community solely for customs purposes and for certain aspect of the common agricultural policy and free movement of goods. The Island does not contribute to, nor is it eligible to benefit from, community funds.

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